Heat and Mass Balance Analysis for the Power Industry


M&N Power Solutions Ltd. is an engineering company based in Thailand. 


M&N Power Solutions was founded in 2012. The co-founder, Marco Dieleman, has more than 20 years of experience in the power industry. He has previously also founded a company in California, USA.


We specialize in the use of Ebsilon®Professional, GateCycle™ and other simulation software packages to support customers in the global power industry. 
The services offered include power plant simulation, feasibility studies, performance analysis, performance optimization and performance monitoring. 
We also offer customized software development.


Our Customers in Thailand include EGAT, SCG and B Grimm. We have worked on many international projects as well.


Through its cooperation agreement with VTU Energy GMBH Austria and Wyatt Enterprises LLC USA, M&N Power Solutions markets VTU software solutions and the Ebsilon® Professional heat balance software by STEAG Energy Services GMBH.



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