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December 6th 2017: Co-author: Power-gen International conference in Las Vegas, USA


A New Approach for Predicting the Performance of Gas Engine Cogeneration and Trigeneration Plants That Captures Engine Characteristics with the Necessary Detail



September 20th 2017: Speaker and author: Power-gen Asia  conference in Bangkok, Thailand.


Optimization of the Cooling System of CCGTs

Analysis of Integrated Photovoltaic Solar + Combined Cycle (IPVCC) Power Plants




December 13th 2016:Co-author: Power-gen International conference in Orlando, USA.


Analysis of Gas Turbine Heat Integration in Combined Cycle Power Plants




September 1st 2015: Speaker and author: Power-gen Asia Conference in Bangkok, Thailand


December 8-10 2015: Co-author: Power-gen International in Las Vegas, USA


Analysis of HRSG Cold-end Design Options for Best Performance and Reliability.


November 2013


M&N Power Solutions Ltd. entered into a global cooperation agreement with VTU Energy GMBH and Wyatt Enterprises to market VTU software solutions and the Ebsilon®Professional heat balance software by STEAG Energy Services.




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