Services and Products



Services and Consulting

  • GateCycle™ and Ebsilon®Professional based Performance Modeling and Analysis
  • GateCycle Training and Technical Support
  • GateCycle Tutorials
  • Ebsilon Professional Training and Technical Support
  • Custom-model development, either based on as-built or as-designed data
  • Development of Steady State Heat and Balance Models for Design and Off-Design Calculations
  • Power Plant Simulation, Monitoring and Performance Analysis
  • Design Optimization
  • Dispatch optimization
  • Performance Test and Acceptance Test Models
  • Fuel Demand Models, contractual models to represent PPA fuel allowances
  • Settlement System Software
  • Technical Feasibility Studies 
  • Power Plant Bid Evaluation
  • Energy and Mass Audits
  • Comparative Performance Studies
  • Predictive Performance Studies
  • Research Studies
  • Retrofit and Repowering Studies


Serves as a broker for the Ebsilon Professional heat balance analysis software owned by STEAG Energy Services through its brokerage agreement with VTU Energy.



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